Dr. Parke is currently offering online teletherapy appointments

Teletherapy Sessions

Online therapy in the comfort of your own space


Access therapy with the click of a button


Process emotions and thoughts in a comfortable space that you choose
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Avoid waiting rooms and other people going to/from therapy appointments


Enjoy appointment time options that flex around your school/work schedule

About Teletherapy with Dr. Parke

Teletherapy (sometimes called telepsychology) has been available for many years now, but the COVID pandemic has brought it to the forefront of mental health treatment.

I offer teletherapy sessions through a secure online platform called doxy.me. People usually find this website to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It creates the video call within your browser on your computer or phone, so there's no software or app download needed.

There are clear advantages to teletherapy, including the convenience factor, being in the comfort of your own space, having more privacy, and enjoying more scheduling flexibility.

Teletherapy works best when you have a quiet, private space for your therapy sessions, preferably somewhere that other people can't hear you or your therapist speaking.

Of course, just like in-person therapy, teletherapy has its disadvantages, too. For example, the video call can be glitchy if the wifi isn't great on either users' end, so it's important to make sure your wifi is reasonably solid. If a therapist isn't tech savvy, that can lead to an awkward video call; if a therapist doesn't use a video platform that is HIPPA-compliant, that can compromise the privacy and security of your data.

Thankfully, I'm a pretty tech savvy psychologist who navigates technology easily! I also use a HIPPA-compliant teletherapy platform that protects your data. 

Teletherapy isn't even considered a "wave of the future" for mental health treatment anymore; it's here now, and it's here to stay. There's only one way to see if teletherapy is a treatment option that works well for you - try it out and see!
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Dr. Parke is currently offering online teletherapy appointments

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