Dr. Parke is currently offering online teletherapy appointments

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety can make us feel like the world is spinning around us. Learn how to slow the spin and break the vicious fear-avoidance cycle.

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Therapy for Social Anxiety

Social interactions are so pervasive in our lives, they're almost inescapable. Therapy can help you face situations with more calm and courage.

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Therapy for Depression

Depression brings a heaviness and darkness that never seems to lift. Therapy can help restore vitality, energy, and hope.

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Therapy for Trauma

When trauma occurs, it can leave us feel broken or shattered. Those wounds, however, can also be how the light gets in.

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Therapy for Stress

Life can be so stressful - don't handle it alone! Learn strategies to lessen the stress and make life more livable.

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Therapy for Panic Attacks (Anxiety Attacks)

A panic attack is one of the most psychologically and physically intense experiences you can have. Learn to "ride the wave" of panic and let it wash through you rather than overwhelm you.

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Dr. Parke is currently offering online teletherapy appointments

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